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Global Impact Competition for Sweden


Could yours be the next big idea that will change the world, and positively impact a billion people in 10 years? Here is an opportunity to apply in the Urban Resilience Challenge.

The prize is paid admission to attend Graduate Studies Program hosted between June 14th to August 24th 2014 at Singularity University within the NASA Research Park at the heart of Silicon Valley, California.

Singularity University's mission is to assemble, educate, and inspire leaders who strive to understand and facilitate the development of exponentially-advancing technologies to address humanity's grand challenges.



Congratulations Virpal Singh, 25 years old from Stockholm, winner of the Urban Resilience Challenge 2014 at Finansieringsdagen on 1/4. 

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The background of the Urban Resilience Challenge is the demographic forecast that in the coming two decades, the number of people who live in big cities will grow by another two billion humans, mostly in developing economies.

This will put  tremendous stress on the healthcare, communications, food supply, ecosystems, housing, infrastructure and other critical resources in these places.

It is difficult to see that this great transformation can be managed by political and economic tools only, which is why it is our belief that major technological innovations are also needed.


Further reading

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Preparing for the final presentations
The winner presenting on stage


Apr 01, 2014
Final event - Berns Salonger

Competition Rules

The Competition has now closed, but stay tuned for next year! Next years competition will be launched in January 2015.

Past GSP Participants

Shahan Lilja
Shahan Lilja
Year GSP 2012
Claudia Olsson
Claudia Olsson
Year GSP 2010
Gustav Borgefalk
Gustav Borgefalk
Year GSP 2011

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Maja Brisvall

Managing Director, Shift

Ulla Hamilton

Deputy Mayor, City of Stockholm

Claudia Olsson

Global Grand Challenges Advisor, Singularity University

Victor Galaz

Associate Professor, Stockholm Resilience Centre

Marta Skundric Sjogren

Investment Manager, Northzone

Hannes Sjoblad

Ambassador for Sweden, Singularity University

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